The Joy of LED

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are changing the way we light our home and business. Some of the new LED products on the market today go far beyond anything we have ever seen before. For instance, check out this lighting system from Pure/Edge Lighting, a Chicago based manufacturer of cutting edge LED lighting.

The Softline series of LED strips provide incredible illumination efficiently and beautifully. Pure/Edge makes a wide range of hardware for their LED strips, including this aluminum strip that stretches across rooms, shining light indirectly. With the color changing LEDs (RGB) the possibilities are endless with over 1 million color ranges.

Over the years I have specified Pure/Edge Lighting for my upscale, contemporary projects. This is just one of many lighting concepts they’ve developed over the years. I’m all a fan of their Twiggy vanity series as well as the Millwork built in strips.