In the world of lighting there are numerous designs that are classics in the industry. Few come close to this Italian desk lamp, the most famous of them all.

The Tizio by the Italian Lighting Manufacturer Artemide.

Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, this table lamp has saved the aging eyes of countless people all over the world!!! 40 years later, with hardly a single change in the design, the Tizio remains one of the finest examples of how function can become a true work of art. In fact, it’s on display in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan.

I have specified this lamp countless times for bedside reading and desks and have used them in my home. It’s one of the few halogen lamps still on the market, with a high and low switch built into the base for easy access.

You can buy the Tizio as well as other Artemide products at a great price at WNL Lighting, in NYC (212) 594-3246.



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