Here’s a way around the pesky light bulb ban that keeps you from using a 100W bulb.
If you’re looking for a standard incandescent light bulb (A19) in the old wattage (25, 40. 60 or 100 watts) you can still get them as long as they’re a “Rough Service”.
What’s a “rough service” bulb? It’s a regular style bulb with a heavy internal filament. They last longer than regular bulbs and are designed to handle vibration. They’re generally used in elevators, utility rooms, garage door openers and other applications where the challenging conditions would otherwise kill a regular bulb.
LED and fluorescent light sources are great ways to create a more energy efficient home. But every now and then a regular light bulb is exactly what we need and require for our personal use.
So before you throw out your kid’s Easy-Bake Oven because you can’t score a 100 watt bulb, ask for (or special order) rough service bulbs. The new ban does not effect this style of light bulb.
Let the baking begin!!!


In the world of lighting there are numerous designs that are classics in the industry. Few come close to this Italian desk lamp, the most famous of them all.

The Tizio by the Italian Lighting Manufacturer Artemide.

Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, this table lamp has saved the aging eyes of countless people all over the world!!! 40 years later, with hardly a single change in the design, the Tizio remains one of the finest examples of how function can become a true work of art. In fact, it’s on display in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan.

I have specified this lamp countless times for bedside reading and desks and have used them in my home. It’s one of the few halogen lamps still on the market, with a high and low switch built into the base for easy access.

You can buy the Tizio as well as other Artemide products at a great price at WNL Lighting, in NYC (212) 594-3246.


The Joy of LED

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are changing the way we light our home and business. Some of the new LED products on the market today go far beyond anything we have ever seen before. For instance, check out this lighting system from Pure/Edge Lighting, a Chicago based manufacturer of cutting edge LED lighting.

The Softline series of LED strips provide incredible illumination efficiently and beautifully. Pure/Edge makes a wide range of hardware for their LED strips, including this aluminum strip that stretches across rooms, shining light indirectly. With the color changing LEDs (RGB) the possibilities are endless with over 1 million color ranges.

Over the years I have specified Pure/Edge Lighting for my upscale, contemporary projects. This is just one of many lighting concepts they’ve developed over the years. I’m all a fan of their Twiggy vanity series as well as the Millwork built in strips.


Allow me to introduce myself..

My name is John Gibson-Whitley and I have been in the lighting industry for over 26 years. During that time I’ve had the chance to help countless people illuminate their homes, offices, retail stores, recording studios, dollhouses  – you name it.

From recessed lighting to decorative European lamps – from old edison bulbs to LED technology, this weekly blog will feature my thoughts on how successful lighting works in both function and aesthetic. It’s my way to reach beyond my local community in San Diego, improve my communication skills, using my lighting knowledge to help people make a little more sense out of what they choose to use for their space.

Please join me for a weekly journey that will hopefully be informative, enjoyable and most of all (I’m going to say it!) enlightening.